My Vision

My vision is to create a platform for women artists who create out of connection to mother earth, while having in mind a sustainable, ecological, and natural point of view, which connects us home, into ourselves, where we can breathe, expand, and slow down the intensive pace of our lives.
My dream is to support women who hold the same vision.
From the beginning of the journey of Curandera, I wanted to grow and expand so I can support other women around the world who create handmade, natural products.
If you are an artist who create this kind of products or you know someone who does, I will be happy to collaborate and cooperate - by joining my platform and sell their art.
Help me to fulfill my vision and support women’s creation and art, while keeping our planet!
Support natural production, handmade products, small businesses, and artists who put all their love into their creation.

With much love,